NI Vigilance got an update!

For those who are on our NI Vigilance service, then we have good news! We have added new features and protections to our NI Vigilance. These features include, early detection, system lockout, and event logs from workstations. Each of these features help to prevent malicious activity on each workstation and cut it off before it becomes a bigger issues. These new features also allow our techs exclusive connections to the potentially infected devices so we can help clean it and get you back to work!

The 11th gen is here!







We are excited to say that we have some of the new 11th gen NUCs in stock! These new NUCs have Intel’s new i5 11th gen processors. They come with two HDMI ports, two USB-C ports (now both placed on the back), four USB-3 ports (two on the front and two on the back), an ethernet port, and headphone jack. Even though it has ethernet, it also has the new Wifi 6 protocol and Bluetooth. These new NUCs are a great addition to the line of NUCs and we are excited to start using them!

The new Website!

Welcome to the new website for Network Innovations! We know the old website wasn’t very active, that is why we have revamped the whole site. Here, you will be able to contact us, make quote request, and other types of request. We invite you to take a tour for yourself and if you have any ideas you would like to see on the site then let us know!